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Faces of AAO: Kenny Devine

Kenny Devine is certainly a familiar face in the world of AAO - he served as Aquatennial Captain in 2018! We're thrilled that Kenny offered to continue to volunteer, and he's now managing the AAO social media channels!

What is one of your favorite memories of being an Aquatennial Ambassador?

Attending the 2018 Rose Bowl Game (The Granddaddy of them All) was one of the highlights of my LIFE! The entire week was amazing and punctuated with an over-time, high-scoring thriller!

I really enjoyed each community event, though, as each was very different. It was such an honor to travel the state, and learn the qualities that unite us as Minnesotans and Americans.

What are your hopes for the Aquatennial and/or the AAO?

I'm a Minneapolis boy at heart and take great pride in the civic celebration that is the Aquatennial. Having read the history of the event, I hope to see it grow to the levels of the 50s and 60s. This would take some maneuvering and agreements on copyright issues, but with our dedication to the three pillars (volunteerism, leadership and community) and creating the next generation of women leaders in this state, I think we are well positioned for growth.

Why do you continue to be involved with the AAO?

I greatly believe in the mission of the AAO. Great strides have been made in workplace equality for women and this organization is primed to create the next generation of women leaders. Spend some time with any of the community ambassador groups, current Aquatennial ambassadors or former ambassadors and you will quickly be inspired by their drives and passions.

Kenny works for Padilla, a Twin Cities based public relations and advertising agency. He has a passion for sports (see his favorite memory...), and cheers for all the Minnesota teams. Kenny earned his bachelor's degree in sport management from the University of Minnesota.

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