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AAO Presents Awards throughout Week

Minneapolis, Minn.-- The Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador Organization (AAO) presented annual awards throughout Aquatennial Week. These awards go to individuals or partners who have volunteered their time and talents throughout the year, or shown great support to the mission and vision of the AAO.

Steven K. Anderson Award - presented to Maricia Pacheco and Maddie Simon.

Maricia Pacheco (Queen of the Lakes, 2016) and Maddie Simon (Princess, 2016) have given the AAO an abundance of time and talents since they served as ambassadors. This dynamic duo helps create "Aqua Magic" every year. They are welcoming faces at many events (including the visiting dignitary program and candidate check-in), and everyone with the AAO is sincerely grateful that they continue to share the Aqua spirit that they did as ambassadors.

President's Award - presented to Abby Patterson.

Abby Patterson (Princess, 2010) is an exemplary volunteer - from coordinating the coronation program to serving as a candidate chaperone, to helping with the planning and execution of the Commodore's Dinner. The AAO is a better organization because of Abby Patterson.

Helmsman Award - presented to Kenny Devine.

Kenny Devine (Captain, 2018) is an invaluable member of the communications team. He provides timely updates to social media and promotes our ambassadors at various events. Kenny's clever puns, jokes, and anecdotes have strengthened our presence on social media and the organization is truly grateful for his time and talents.

Alumni Engagement Award - presented to Emily Kegley.

Emily Kegley (Princess, 2009) has graciously taken on the very challenging role of scheduling our AAO ambassadors extremely effectively.  This very demanding position, which includes keeping up with inputs from 60 communities and our six ambassadors, has been accomplished by Emily with timely and complete appearance notices. Emily has served as a candidate chaperone in recent years as well.

Commodore's Award - presented to The Woman's Club of Minneapolis

The Woman’s Club is a strong believer in giving back to the community and they do so in many ways, including as a very strong sponsor of AAO. This support has included: providing meals, speakers, and facilities for our candidates each year, serving as co-master of ceremonies for our Coronation, and serving as judges to choose our ambassadors.

Golden Anchor Award - presented to Minneapolis Aquatennial Senior Alumni Association

The Minneapolis Aquatennial Senior Alumni Association (MASAA) members conduct many visits to organizations serving community residents in need.  Their visits and songs provide great cheer to many.  In addition, they support the AAO in attendance at many festivals and non-profits.  MASAA supports the AAO during Aquatennial each year, most notably at the Meet the Candidate program and the Target Fireworks and picnic.

Ambassador Award - presented to Washburn-McReavy

From grandfather to grandson, Washburn McReavy and the McReavy family have been a strong supporter of AAO. Having such a well-known community business and family support to AAO has been invaluable.

Special Recognition Award - presented to Jim and Landi Patterson

Jim (Commodore 2010) and Landi have hosted numerous well received AAO events at their home and at Jim’s office. And Jim’s longtime board activity has been very important to the sustainability of AAO.

In addition to these awards, the AAO also presented the Outstanding Honorary Commodore's Award and the Minnesota Community Award. Learn more about these recipients here. To see previous award winners, please click here.

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