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Aquatennial 2020- The Volunteers that make it happen!

There are many things that go into the AAO's portion of the Aquatennial. Connecting the communities far and wide across the state is only part of it. It also involves bringing in all of the Community Ambassadors from across the state to Minneapolis for the Best Days of Summer. AAO sends the Crowns, Captains, and Commodores out to over 60 state celebrations every year. The crew also has many out of state festival commitments, and hosting those ambassadors here for the Aquatennial. All while representing the City of Lakes and the AAO to showcase Minneapolis.

The contributions each year from these volunteers to the AAO organization makes it happen. Their time, dedication, and contributions helps keep the AAO a float. Going from one parade to the next each weekend. Many times, splitting up and going to multiple events each, on the same day!

Here are a few of the Outstanding members of the AAO, the men and women that have taken on the roles over the years.

Thank you to the Captains, Crowns, & Commodores

that have represented the AAO over the years!



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