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Update from the AAO Ambassador Team

Today, the Aquatennial Ambassador Organization announced the decision of Captain Judy Holmquist to step down from her position to focus on her health.

Statement from Captain Judy Holmquist:

"As many of you know, I was involved in an accident at Octoberfest this year and per the advice of my neurosurgeon, because of the injury sustained and the slow healing process it is taking, it would be in my best interest to not partake in any extra activities that may cause a longer healing process. I want to take the time to heal properly to avoid further complications and or a potential future surgery from this injury. For now, my health is my priority. I've really enjoyed my time as captain and I want to thank the AAO for the opportunity."

Statement from Commodore Brent LaSalle:

"I really appreciate the work Judy put into her role this year. It’s unfortunate that she is unable to continue, but I know that she will remain an important member of the Aquatennial and greater festival world. On a personal note, Judy was a big help to me this year and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with her."

We thank Judy for her time and commitment to the AAO!

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