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Annual Awards

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Alumni Engagement Award

This award recognizes an alumni member who has become more involved with the festival and their contributions are recognized as significant.

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Ambassador Award

This award is presented to the organization that is recognized by the AAO Board of Directors for demonstrating outstanding support of the festival.

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Commodore's Award

This award is given to an AAO Partner or Sponsor that embraces the values of the AAO and demonstrates them through their leadership, support of the festival, and commitment to the community in which we live.

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Golden Anchor Award

This award recognizes an organization outside of the AAO whose efforts consistently contribute to current and future festivals and to public service in our communities.

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Helmsman Award

This award is presented to the coordinator who has demonstrated excellence in their overall management of their responsibilities.

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Outstanding Honorary Commodore Award

This award is chosen by a committee within AAO from the hundreds of Honorary Commodore recipients throughout the year.

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President's Award

This award is given to an individual chosen by the President that demonstrated excellence in execution of their volunteer activities and that contributed significantly to the outcome of the program.

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Special Recognition Award

This award is presented to an organization or individual with which the AAO has worked to provide a better Aquatennial festival.

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​​Minnesota Community Award

This award is presented to a leader of an ambassador program that has participated in the Aquatennial Ambassador Canadidate Program. This leader has developed an outstanding ambassador program in their community that reflects the Values and Mission of the AAO.

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​​Steven K. Anderson Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is designed to recognize the volunteer who undertakes tasks whenever he or she sees a need. The recipient of the award stands out among all AAO volunteers in their unselfish contributions to the Aquatennial and is the highest honor a volunteer can receive.

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