Ambassador Candidate Program

Each year young women from across Minnesota come to Minneapolis to represent their home communities while participating in the Ambassador Candidate Program during Aquatennial Week.

The Candidates, who are former ambassadors of their home community or festival, participate in leadership, personal development, and other unique experiences while going through a rigorous selection process to become the Queen of the Lakes or one of two Aquatennial Princesses.


The candidates are judged on a variety of criterion including their poise, professionalism, public speaking ability, current and future goals, education and co-curricular/extracurricular activities.


Those selected to be Aquatennial Ambassadors will travel throughout North America representing the City of Minneapolis and the Aquatennial Festival. At the end of their year of service, each ambassador receives an educational scholarship in recognition of her service.


Communities looking to participate in the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program are encouraged to contact the Vice Commodore of the Candidate Program.


2020 Candidate Program Dates

Registration |  February 1 - April 15 | Online

Candidate Orientation | May 31st | Millenium Hotel

Candidate Week | July 21-26 | Millenium Hotel

Ambassador Coronation | July 25 | Ted Mann

General Program Requirements

  • The female candidate must have completed high school and be at least 18, but no more than 23 years of age, by July 1, 2020.

  • A candidate is eligible to participate in the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program during her local reign or within one year of giving up her local title.


  • A candidate must be a Minnesota resident for at least six months prior to the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program week.


  • A candidate may participate in the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program once.


  • Each community can only send one candidate.  


  • A candidate may never have been married nor have had a marriage annulled.  Upon accepting the title, if chosen, she agrees that she will not marry during her reign.  The candidate may not be pregnant nor have children.


  • The candidate should be in good health.

  • A candidate must be sponsored by a festival or organization and must have earned her local title through a competitive selection process.

  • The Aquatennial Ambassador Organization (AAO) must receive the completed registration form no later than April 15, 2020.  If a community’s contest is held after April 15, a “Jane Doe” application must be submitted by the April 15 deadline.


  • The candidate will be required to participate in the full Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program from check-in to checkout.  

*A complete list of program requirements is located on the candidate registration page.

2020 Candidates


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