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Candidate Requirements

  • The female candidate must have completed high school and be at least 18, but no more than 23 years of age, by July 1.​

  • A candidate is eligible to participate in the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program during her local reign or within one year of giving up her local title.

  • A candidate must be a Minnesota resident for at least six months prior to the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program week.

  • A candidate may participate in the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program once.

  • Each community can only send one candidate.  

  • A candidate may never have been married nor have had a marriage annulled.  Upon accepting the title, if chosen, she agrees that she will not marry during her reign.  The candidate may not be pregnant nor have children.

  • The candidate should be in good health.​

  • A candidate must be sponsored by a festival or organization and must have earned her local title through a competitive selection process.​

  • The Aquatennial Ambassador Organization (AAO) must receive the completed registration form no later than March 31. If a community’s contest is held after March 31, a “Jane Doe” application must be submitted by the March 31 deadline.

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