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Board of Directors

Advisory Council Vice President - Open

MASSA Leader Director - Kay Bouldan

Historian Director - Ken Hafften

Commodore - Stephen Zins

At Large Vice President - Tom LaSalle

Attorney - Jim Patterson

Secretary - Laura Swartz 

Chairperson - Karen George 

President - Bob Orthey

President Elect  - Rich Westlund  

Treasure Vice President - Amy Huset

Fundraising Vice President - Kathryn Brimeyer

Community Relations - Open

Ambassador Director - Haley Rogers

Past Commodore Director - Ann Bailey


Planning Divisions & Vice Commodores

Ambassador Vice Commodore - ReAnn Eldahl

Candidates Vice Commodore - Maricia Pacheco 

V-Digs Vice Commodore - Quentin Moore 

Marketing Vice Commodore - Ryan Lamberty

Members & Alumni Vice Commodore - Maddie Simon 

Resources - Email Contacts

Appearance Request

Appearance Request

Emily Kegley



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Minneapolis Aquatennial

Minneapolis Aquatennial

July, 2021

Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador Organization

100 South 1st Street
O Box 580737
Minneapolis, MN 55458

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