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March VC Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Present in person: Rich Westlund, Eric Westlund, Jeff DeKuester, Terri

Johnson, Maricia Pacheco, Jac Coverdale, Ron Christopher

Present via Zoom: Cindy Shanley

Absent: Paulette Christopher

Meeting Called to Order at 6:32 pm

Opening Statement:

Rich Westlund welcomed everyone

Reviewed and unanimously approved the February meeting minutes

President's Report:

Terri and Rich are still in the process of putting together an Alumni Boat

Cruise for Tuesday July 18th or a dinner in the ballroom at the hotel. Alumni

event is already planned for Tuesday May 16th at 318 Cafe in Excelsior. “I

Like this Town” is guaranteed to be a great experience. Invites will be

posted on our website and through social media.

VC of Candidates, Maricia:

*We have 23 candidates signed up, Hannah Rogers is in charge of

registration and social media, she sends shout outs in groups of 5 through

social media.

*Coronation: Coronation Chair Amy Mauzy has a team of volunteers with

production experience coming in to help with the Choreography and

providing behind the stage helpers. Maricia has asked that they will need

Friday night to move in.

* Saturday May 13th. Virtual Welcome, Interview workshop that will be

presented by Sara Carter.

* Wednesday July 19th Meet the Candidate will be chaired by Elle Gilbert

with the 2022 Ambassador Team helping.

* DEI; 90 minute Diversity training planned for the candidates ($2,000

charge for the speaker)

* Community Luncheon, Wednesday July 19th plans being made

* Candidates going to the Minneapolis Women's Club Thursday July 20th

only in the morning

* Candidate gifts are being ordered by Ari

* Candidate Anchor pins have arrived. Our theme color this year is pink.

Candidates will sell the pins for $15.

* Friday July 21st, plans being made for a pink party

* Volunteer event being planned for the Candidates on Thursday July 20th

called Period Minnesota. Event NEEDS a SPONSOR to purchase

cosmetics and hygiene supplies. Cost could be from $750 up to $3,000.

* Maricia is looking for someone to to facilitate resume writing

VC of Ambassadors, Cindy:

*The Women's Conference went great. Our Ambassadors were able to

mingle and do networking with the speakers and vendors. Very informative

day for them.

* Commodore dinner is on track with a few finishing touches

*Commodore Scott and Queen Kaia are very excited and looking forward to

going to Cherry Blossom.

* Update on De LaSalle for the firework viewing, waiting on James, my new

point of contact, to get back to me.

● Ron reported on Paulette's behalf:

● Paulette has her feelers out for a Friendship Social

● Paulette was attending a fundraisers meeting for volunteering at

the Twins Concessions

VC of Alumni, Terri Johnson:

● Terri reported that email addresses have not been used for a very

long time.

● Terri has her alumni contact information from when she managed

from few years ago

● The password was shared by Cindy to Terri from a passed VC.

● Memberships,Terri is willing to send out a letter asking people to

renew their memberships

● Alumni and membership databases will be an ongoing work in


● Cindy offered to reach out to Ken Hafften for him to share the Alumni

database he has been working on, that was given to him from Board

member Haley Rogers

VC of Marketing & Social media, Jac:

● Website, few things left for cleanup, membership is a biggie

● Biggest piece right now is trying to figure out where everything goes.

Alumni page contact information needs to be updated and try to

figure out where the information goes once it has been entered.

VC’s Of Visiting Dignitaries, Jeff & Eric:

● Waiting on businesses to get back

● Still working on venues for the Vdigs, much relies on when the bus

will be available

● Some ideas are, a walking food tour, Twins museum, Minnehaha

Falls, breakfast on Saturday morning with the vdigs and current Aqua

team at Local an Irish Pub.

● Set to send out information to visiting digs by early April, via emails

inviting them to Aqua week.

● Still working and coordinating the bus schedule with Maricia

● Potentially hiring a limo service for Vdigs in case there is a conflict

with coordinating the candidates and Vdigs

● Jeff and Eric continue to work on confirming venues, and activities for

the Vdigs

Torchlight Parade, Joe Johnston:

*Rich reported on Joe's behalf

* Joe is in contact with the Downtown Council, waiting to hear back

* There is a new point of contact at the Downtown Council Joe will be

working with.

Other items:

● Board Chair Ron Christopher stated that if you need help getting

sponsors for your events send an email to him.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM

Next meeting:

April 19, 2023

6:00 PM

Minutes reported by:

Cindy Shanley

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