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Community Update!

As times and social norms change, so must our views on the requirements for candidates and selected ambassadors. First and foremost, our focus shall always remain on the overall professional presentation of the young women who wish to represent the Aquatennial Ambassador Organization (AAO). Moving forward, the AAO will be more inclusive in considering candidates with tattoos and piercings. Certain tattoos and piercings will disqualify a candidate (e.g. hateful tattoos, racial epitaphs, obscene tattoos, etc.). Instead of creating an exhaustive list of items that are not appropriate, we expect each candidate to present a professional presentation and that we have the right to determine what that means. However, we must be sensitive and inclusive toward cultural implications regarding these issues. Candidates should arrive at Aqua Week in what they feel is a professional presentation of themselves and their community. Communities should send their best candidates who will represent them in the most positive manner possible!

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