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Commemorative AAO Scholarship Pins

This year the AAO is selling Commemorative pins to help support the Aquatennial Ambassador Scholarship fund.

Pins are $10 each and are available exclusively at AAO Aquatennial events.

Limited quantities are available in the following styles:​

Glitter Anchor Pin

Available only from one of our 56 Ambassador Candidates, this anchor pin is made up of shimmering aquamarine colored jewels.

AAO Logo Pin

Proudly represent the AAO by wearing the organization's logo. Looks great on any suit coat, dress or blouse!

Aquatennial/Winter Carnival Friendship Pin A 5-pointed snowflake made up of 5 anchors. The 5 colored jewels on each anchor represent the 4 Winds and King Boreas of the Winter Carnival. The center jewel represents the Aquatennial Ambassadors. The pin represents the close relationship our two festivals and ambassadors share.

For more information on AAO Aquatennial Events, visit our AAO Events page>

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