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Jeni Haler

Jeni Haler, Aquatennial Princess

Jeni is a former Aquatennial Princess from 2014. She then went on to be the 2015 Princess Kay of the Milky Way! Jeni has continued to volunteer for the AAO in media relations and each year during the Aquatennial Festival.

Which Community/Festival were you from?


How did you benefit from your scholarship?

I used my Aquatennial scholarship to help fund my undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. I am excited to be graduating with minimal debt in December, a semester early, and thrilled that in my 3 1/2 years at the U, I was also able to study abroad in Brazil!

What is one of your favorite memories of being an Aquatennial Ambassador?

Festival du Voyageur in Canada for so many reasons (games, people, atmosphere, etc.)

What are your hopes for the Aquatennial and/or the AAO?

I hope the Aquatennial continues to grow and foster relationships with our local communities, empower young women to be leaders and reach a larger audience to encourage volunteerism.

The Aquatennial family helped me develop as a leader and grow as a person during my yearlong reign, but the organization's impact on me goes far beyond my year of service. Multiple professional connections of mine today are direct results of friends and family in the Aquatennial, many of whom have become dear friends, mentors and role models in my life.

Jeni currently lives in St. Paul and will graduate in December from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish & Portuguese Studies and a minor in mass communications. Her oldest sister, Chaneen, is in Panama with the Peace Corps, and middle sister, Victoria, is studying at George Washington in Washington D.C.

She describes herself as "a world traveler (Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Jamaica, Mexico and Canada!) that grew up on a dairy farm (ask me anything- I'm an expert), and I am currently learning my fourth language."

"One of my favorite ways to spend the summer is with my Aquatennial friends and family during the Best Days of Summer! I look forward to it every year. I also enjoy running, skiing and snowboarding, and adventuring!"

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