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Faces of AAO: Randy Bailey

This month's Face of AAO is a very special one - because many of you have probably only seen his face with a camera obscuring it. Randy Bailey has been an honorary member of the Ambassador Crew this past year, and we are so grateful to Randy for everything he's done, not the least being that he's the reason we have so many pictures of the team! Randy is married to Commodore Ann Bailey, or as he puts it "The Commodore's Consort."

Randy Bailey "The Commodore's Consort"

How did you first hear about the Aquatennial/AAO?

Ann met some community leaders a few years ago through her community involvement via DARTS. Those "wily rascals" started recruiting her for the Commodore slot. Before that time, we had zero Aquatennial or festival experience. We debated long and large about whether or not to get involved, but eventually Ann boiled it down to one simple thought: "This AAO/Commodore thing is an ADVENTURE. Do we go on the adventure?" Decision made!

How have you been involved in the AAO?

I usually make the travel arrangements for our team, drive the car or parade vehicle, carry the purses, and submit event pictures to AAO Communications wizards Kacey G and Cap'n Kenny.

Why do you plan to continue your involvement with the AAO?

The strong community spirit and deep civic engagement that is apparent at EVERY event reassures my faith in humanity.

What is your favorite memory of Aquatennial Week?

At the Commodore's Dinner: watching Ann stride up the center aisle, being introduced for the first time -- and completing the first ever all-female Ambassador team.

What are your hopes for the AAO?

Even greater emphasis on community service and volunteerism

Randy is "gainfully unemployed" (his words!), but previously was a high school math/statistics teacher. Randy fixes bikes and cars (see the Rick's Bike Sale blog post), and is a community volunteer. Randy and Ann live in Apple Valley, Minn.

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