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Faces of AAO: Maricia Pacheco

Maricia Pacheco is a friendly face to the AAO - she's volunteered with the Visiting Dignitaries program, candidate orientation and check-in, the Women's Expo, and she's on the AAO Visioning Committee! And did we mention that Maricia was Queen of the Lakes in 2016?!

Which community/festival did you represent?


What is one of your favorite memories of being an Aquatennial Ambassador?

One of the coolest parts about being a candidate and Ambassador is going down the escalators before the Meet the Candidate event. The energy is high and its unreal to see the support that communities have toward their candidate and the AAO mission. I remember feeling so grateful to have represented my community of Farmington and the AAO for an entire year. The best part of this event actually happened minutes before walking down the elevator when AAO Princess Rachel Huset spilled soda all over our brand new white shirts and we had to wash and dry it in the Chipotle down the hall. It's a memory that I will never forget.

How did you benefit from your scholarship?

I used my scholarship to continue my education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Why do you continue to volunteer or give to the AAO?

I continue to volunteer for the AAO because I believe in the mission and the opportunities that it gives to young women across Minnesota. I hope to volunteer for many years to come!

Maricia is a chemist at Ecolab. She enjoys running, watching the Minnesota Vikings, and walking her dog, Earl.


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