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Natalka Kramarczuk Hertaus

Natalka Kramarczuk Hertaus

As a former Aquatennial Princess (1992), Vice Commodore (1999 Arts & Entertainment Division) and Captain (2009), Natalka's dedication to the Aquatennial and AAO has earned her the nickname of "Capcess." She has also served as President of the Past Princess Association, member of the Visiting Dignitaries committee and plans to increase her involvement in 2017.

Which Community/Festival were you from?

Northeast Minneapolis

How did you benefit from your scholarship?

It provided me an opportunity to continue my education.

What is one of your favorite memories of being an Aquatennial Ambassador?

Returning to Northeast Minneapolis after being crowned Aquatennial Princess. They were such a proud and honored community; I always enjoyed bringing smiles to the children in our presence; learning about the various festivals that we visited and their traditions.

What are your hopes for the Aquatennial and/or the AAO?

To continue to grow the organization in order to empower women to be their best authentic selves. This organization and the spirit behind it has given me more confidence than I ever would have expected. I am proud to continue to serve - it's my way of "giving back."

Natalka currently lives in Wyoming, MN, is a Franchise Owner of Budget Blinds and Sr. Operations Manager at Ameriprise. She has three, "amazing children," Nina, Bren & Brody. She also is the Coordinator for the St. Paul Winter Carnival Queen of Snows Candidate Program. In her spare time, Natalka loves to travel, run as a release, and seek out new experiences.

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