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The Aquatennial Story Goes On: Candidate Registration Opens Feb. 15

The AAO announced candidate registration for the 2018 Aquatennial Ambassador Crew will open February 15, 2017 via a video posted to its Vimeo channel and Facebook page on Monday.

The video features photos of past candidates participating in the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program and of the 2017 Aquatennial Ambassador Crew set to the song "Do or Die" by Afrojack and Thirty Seconds to Mars. The theme of the video emphasizes how "the story goes on" with memories that you'll never forget, which coincides with the overall Mission of the AAO to inspire young women to achieve extraordinary futures.

Candidate registration will open on February 15, 2017 at Former ambassadors from festivals and communities across Minnesota are invited to participate in the Ambassador Candidate Program. During the week of the Aquatennial, candidates will participate in leadership, personal development and other unique experiences while going through a rigorous selection process to become the Queen of the Lakes or one of two Aquatennial Princesses. The candidates are judged on a variety of criterion including their poise, professionalism, public speaking ability, current and future goals, education and co-curricular/extra curricular activities.

In 2016, a record 56 candidates participated in the program. This year the Ambassador Candidate Week will begin on Tuesday, July 18 and run through Sunday, July 23, 2017. Communities looking to send a candidate for the first time are invited to contact for more information.

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