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Alumni, Supporters & past Volunteers encouraged to add AAO to LinkedIn profile

Are you an Aquatennial Ambassador Alumni, Member, Sponsor or past Volunteer or Candidate and have a LinkedIn profile? You are invited to add the AAO and your experience to your personal profile.

Including your involvement and support of the AAO not only looks good on a resume, but will expose your LinkedIn connections to the AAO and its Mission. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn provides a way to connect and network with people based on the companies and organizations linked within your user profile. Often used to find a new job or career path, LinkedIn also provides a unique opportunity to showcase organizations such as the AAO to those who may not otherwise find the us online or know someone who has been involved in the organization.

To add the AAO to your profile, click on the Add button under either the Experience or Volunteer sections. In the Organization/Company field, begin typing "Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador Organization" and select the AAO logo from the list. Then fill in the details of your involvement.

Your profile will then display the AAO logo and you'll automatically be connected to other AAO supporters and volunteers. Viewers of your profile will be able to click on the AAO logo and be taken to our Company page to learn more about the AAO.

The AAO also provides a LinkedIn group for Alumni to network. Join group >

For more information on adding the AAO to your profile, please email us at communications@aquatennialambassadors.com.

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