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2017 Friendship Pin Now Available at the New AAO Shop

The AAO officially unveiled its 2017 AAO + Winter Carnival Friendship Pin on Wednesday on its new online store.

2017 Friendship Pin

The shared friendship and support for the Ambassadors and Volunteers of the Aquatennial Ambassador Organization and Saint Paul Winter Carnival spans far past the banks of the Mississippi River. The "Friendship Pin" was created in 2013 to showcase this unique relationship between the two organizations.

The pin features five silver anchors that form a snowflake. Each anchor has a jewel at its head in the color of one of the four Winds of the Winter Carnival Princes and Princesses, as well as one clear crystal representing the Queen of the Snows and King Boreas.

The snowflake features an aquamarine jewel in its center to represent the AAO.

The Official Online Store of the AAO first opened in late 2016 with the 2017 AAO Memberships. Throughout the coming months, the AAO Shop will be adding several product lines with proceeds going to the Aquatennial Ambassador Scholarship Fund. Items will include Aquatennial and AAO memorabilia, promotional items and other unique items featuring local artists.

AAO Event registration payments will also be made via the AAO Shop.

A very special thank you to Anna Millerbernd-Streich (2009 Princess) for volunteering to be our AAO Shop Coordinator.

For more information, please visit the AAO Shop >

Purchase your AAO items on-the-go by Downloading the AAO Shop App >

Download AAO Shop App

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