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You could be Holding an Important Piece of the Aquatennial Story

Before you start spring cleaning, donate your pieces of Aquatennial & AAO history to the Aquatennial Archive at the Hennepin History Museum - they may be worth more than you think.

Hennepin Count History Museum Aquatennial Exhibit

For decades the Hennepin History Museum (HHM) has been collecting memorabilia, newspaper articles, uniforms, photographs, publications and other items related to both the Aquatennial Festival and AAO. Much of this work has been collected and archived by former Queen of the Lakes and HHM Historian, Pam Albinson. Along with Archivist Susan Larson-Fleming, Pam has grown the Aquatennial Archive into a wealth of items that tell the Aquatennial Story. Many of these items are put on display during the Aquatennial Festival each year.

The museum is now focusing on digitally cataloging all of its items to make them more accessible to the community, as well as looking for more items of recent Aquatennial history - this is where you come in!

Whether you're an Aquatennial Alumni, past Candidate, Volunteer, AAO Member or event attendee, think twice before tossing your memorabilia away. Items that we may take for granted could be an archivist's treasure! Such items would include (but not limited to):

  • Dresses & Uniforms

  • VIP/Visiting Dignitary Badges & Name tags

  • Bling pins and buttons

  • Event programs

  • Local, regional & national newspaper articles

  • Photos (print & digital files)

  • Videos

To aid in the collection and cataloging of these items, former Aquatennial Ambassador, Ken Hafften, has also begun volunteering at the museum.

If you have Aquatennial items that you wish to donate to the Hennepin History Museum or are interested in providing background information and stories, please contact:

"Hennepin History Museum is dedicated to bringing the diverse history of Hennepin County and its residents to life through exhibitions, library, collections, public events, and educational programs. Your history. Your museum."

Hennepin History Museum

Contributor: Ken Hafften

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