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Members: Create an AAO website account to receive Aquatennial pre-sale benefits

All 2017 AAO Members are encouraged to complete 1 quick step to register their membership on the AAO website.

2017 AAO Member

Back in January, the AAO announced a new member benefit of pre-sale event opportunities. As we approach the Aquatennial and announcement of the AAO Events during the festival, members are encouraged to create their AAO website account now to receive these benefits.

If members already have an AAO Shop account, they will still need to complete this step in order to activate their AAO website member account.

Members are encouraged to visit, click on the Login/Sign up button, and enter an email address and password.

AAO Membership

Creating an account will provide access for you to secure websites for pre-sale opportunities to AAO Events and other incentives.

Any time new contact information is provided while registering for AAO Events, making a purchase at the AAO Shop, or selecting the Update Contact Info button will automatically update your online account so your information stays current.

Alumni who completed similar steps on the Alumni website do not need to repeat this step on the Membership page.

The AAO does not share or sell the contact information of any of its AAO Website users or volunteers. For more information, please view our Privacy Statement.

If you need any assistance with the above steps, please contact

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