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100 Days to Aquatennial

In just 100 days, Aquatennial Candidates from across Minnesota, International Visiting Dignitaries from throughout North America, and Aquatennial festival fans will converge in Minneapolis along with AAO ambassadors, alumni, members, and volunteers to celebrate the Best Days of Summer!

100 Days to Aqua2017

However, you don't need to wait until then to plug into the excitement of #Aqua2017. Here are several ways you can prepare and celebrate now:

Candidate Registration Deadline

Registration for the Aquatennial Ambassador Candidate Program ends next Friday, April 15. Make sure your community is represented this year. Learn more >

Alumni Online Accounts & Contact Info Update

All Alumni - regardless of recent involvement - are encouraged to complete 2 quick steps to create an AAO website account and provide current contact information. Doing so will create a new electronic interactive database that will enable alumni to receive better communications and pre-sale opportunities to AAO Events. Learn more >

2017 Members Online Accounts

AAO Members who are not Alumni are also encouraged to create AAO website account to receive upcoming pre-sale opportunities to AAO Events and other benefits. Learn more >

AAO Alumni Socials

Three socials leading up to the Aquatennial are planned to reconnect now so we can have even more fun together in July! Learn more >

Connect with AAO Online

Subscribe to AAO News and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates. Learn more >

For the first time ever, AAO is on Snapchat! We will be snapping all the way to and during the Aquatennial. Find us at aquaambassadors or snap this code (you also have 100 days to figure out what that means!):


aquaambassadors on Snapchat

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