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SPIRE Credit Union Named Official Checking Account of the AAO

Minneapolis, MN - The AAO announced SPIRE Credit Union as its official checking account provider and an official partner on its website Tuesday.

Official Partner SPIRE Credit Union

It's no secret Aquatennial Commodore Dan Stolz is the President and CEO of SPIRE Credit Union. However, SPIRE's commitment to the Mission of the AAO has reached farther than any obligation of a Commodore during his one-year of service. In 2016, SPIRE sponsored the Rockin' the Waves Aqua Dance Party and an Alumni and AAO Member Dinner, as well as presented the Ambassador Coronation at Ted Mann Concert Hall by covering the operational costs of the venue.

SPIRE's commitment to the AAO continues into 2017 as sponsor of the first AAO Women's Expo in March while returning as sponsor of Rockin' the Waves and the Ambassador Coronation. Members of the SPIRE team have also been putting in time to volunteer at and plan AAO volunteer nights and the Commodore's Dinner titled, "Making Waves: Impact, Influence and Nothing is Impossible."

"It has been a natural fit from the beginning," stated Dan Stoltz, "Our organizations both focus on empowering others to be go-getters while seeing the value of being go-givers of one's time, talent and treasure."

As a non-profit volunteer organization, the AAO is dependent on the generosity of its donors, members, and sponsors and seeks to form on-going relationships with them. "With the support SPIRE has shown us, it seemed like a no-brainer that we in turn would do our business with them," said Joe Johnston, AAO President.

As its official checking account, the AAO is committed to opening future financial accounts with SPIRE, as well as transitioning its existing accounts over to the credit union.

If your organization is interested in supporting the AAO in its Mission to inspire young women, please contact engagement@aquatennialambassadors.com.

Aquatennial Ambassador Organization

The Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador Organization (AAO) is a 501(c)(3) Minnesota nonprofit.​ Our Mission is to inspire young women to achieve extraordinary futures by providing professional development opportunities through networking and mentoring.

To learn more about the AAO, please visit www.aquatennialambassadors.com.

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