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Faces of AAO: Laura Swartz

Laura Swartz is an Aquatennial alumna, and is serving as a captain of the AAO's Pulling Together team! Laura also helps to coordinate events for the AAO during Aquatennial Week.

Which community/festival were you from?


What is one of your favorite memories of being an Aquatennial Ambassador? would have to be traveling to Festival Du Voyageur in Winnipeg, Canada with not only our wonderful Aqua family, but our parents! From sledding down hills, dancing to blue grass music, and enjoying maple syrup suckers; we had a blast! One highlight was placing second in the voyageur games right behind my hometown ambassador program, Willmar Fests!

How did you benefit from your scholarship?

J-term (January-term) study abroad in Italy in 2016

What are your hopes for the Aquatennial/AAO?

My hopes for this program is to continue to become stronger. Stronger in building community around our mission, stronger in educating young women the importance of being leaders and stronger in promoting our great state of Minnesota throughout the United States. We continue to make positive change and I'm proud to be a part of this extraordinary tradition.


Laura lives in the Twin Cities, and is a 2016 graduate of the University of St. Thomas. She works in corporate marketing for the higher education company, Collegis Education. Laura also coaches and facilitates leadership and development workshops for young women professionals. Laura finds joy in practicing yoga, traveling, thrift shopping and being the best auntie in the world.

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