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Making Waves with Mandy Rochel

This month, we're getting to know Aquatennial Princess Mandy Rochel!


School: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Major: Undecided, considering a double major in Finance and Risk Management or Creative Writing and Environmental Studies

Favorite food: Potatoes (especially of the mashed variety)

Hobbies/Passions: Writing and reading poetry; outdoor activities including: hiking, paddle boarding, running, days on the lake.

Career Ambition: My end goal is to have a job where I can work both with people and for people. I do not know what that career looks like right now, but I am excited to discover what it is!

As an Ambassador...

What went through your mind when your name was called as an Aquatennial


Quite honestly, I forgot who was representing Chisago Lakes... I remember hearing my community and getting ready to congratulate whoever may have been selected, but then realized, "oh! that's me!" Pure elation!

What has been most memorable so far in your year?

So far, the Oktoberfest Parade! The amount of people that came out to support La Crosse, and the friendliness that community exhibited was spectacular. Parades showcase the power of community, but that is something that exists year round. This particular parade reminded me of how special being a part of something bigger than yourself is.

What are you excited about?

I am looking forward to going to Canada for Festival Du Voyageur in February! I have never been out of the country and am thrilled for this adventure to represent Minneapolis outside of the United States!

Word Association:

What comes to mind when you

Family - there is a shared sense of care and love inside communities that is something parallel to that of a giant family.

What comes to mind when you hear...leadership?

Friendship - being a leader does not mean seeing yourself as above somebody else, but rather along side of them. Helping them to be the best version of themselves, while bettering yourself as well.

What comes to mind when you hear...volunteerism?

Selflessness - the happiness that comes from giving up your time to benefit those around is return for their time, volunteers get the pure joy of knowing they made a difference.

Next month, get ready to learn more about Aquatennial Captain Marjorie Weinhagen!

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