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Making Waves with Aquatennial Princess Courtney

Let's get to know Aquatennial Princess Courtney Engholm!


Major: B.A. in Child Psychology; minors in Family Therapy and Family Violence Prevention

Favorite food: Mashed potatoes or Cheez-it White Cheddar Grooves

Hobbies/Passions: I love to play tennis, go indoor rock climbing, read novels, watch movies, spend time outdoors and watch football (SKOL Vikings & Ski-U-Mah!).

What is your dream job? I would love to work with infants/young children and families in any way that I can!

As an Ambassador...

What went through your mind when your name was called as an Aquatennial Ambassador?

I don't remember much of what happened because I was so in shock! I do remember realizing my life definitely changed in that moment and I was so excited to experience everything to come!

What has been most memorable so far in your year?

Our trip to Canada for Festival Du Voyageur! This was my first time to Canada, and I loved experiencing the festival and culture. We spent time with our festival friends we had met throughout the year, and it was great bonding with them (and with the Aqua family too!).

What are you excited about? I am so excited for Aqua Week in July! I loved my experience as a candidate and I am beyond grateful to now have the opportunity to celebrate 80 years of Aquatennial and the first all-female team!

Word Association:

What comes to mind when you Support. The best communities are the ones that come together and support each other in the good times and the tough times. I also think of Sleepy Eye (my home community) and how lucky I am to have come from such a tight-knit community that supported me throughout everything.

What comes to mind when you hear...leadership? I think of someone that encourages others to step out of their comfort zone and become the best versions of themselves. I believe the best leaders are the ones that are working alongside you and supporting you, not holding themselves superior to anyone.

What comes to mind when you hear...volunteer? I think of the giving of your time and efforts without any expectations of receiving anything in return. The best feeling in the world is being able to volunteer and help others!

Stay tuned to hear from Aquatennial Captain Jackie Paul next month!

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