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Making Waves with Jackie Paul

Let's get to know Aquatennial Captain Jackie Paul, also known as Jack, Jax and JP!


Comfort food: tea - I'm constantly drinking tea!

Hobbies/Passions: I love to be active so I spend a lot of time playing soccer and waterskiing with the Midwest Ski Otters. When I'm not at work, at an AAO appearance, or being active, I spend time with my friends at trivia or my family being outside. I am passionate about supporting community- whether that is through my work with 360 Communities or celebrating community through Aquatennial Ambassadors.

Major in school: Sociology

What is a typical day like? I am the Development Associate for 360 Communities. 360 Communities provides safety and stability that improves lives. As a part of the Development Team, I share stories of the work that we do to support women and family through our shelters, food shelves, resource centers, and schools to raise money for 360 Communities.

As an Ambassador:

What was it that appealed to you about being a Captain?

I was excited to be a part of the Aquatennial Ambassador team to meet wonderful people and learn about the many communities of Minnesota. I love the mission of AAO to support and empower women so I'm very proud to be a part of the first all-female team.

What has been most memorable for you?

There have been so many wonderful memories it is difficult to choose! One that stands out was the parade in Princess Courtney's hometown of Sleepy Eye. To ride in a parade with Courtney as she was able to share AAO with her friends, family, and community was a unique and warming experience.

What are you most looking forward to?

Aquatennial Week!! But I'm also excited to travel to San Antonio, TX for Fiesta. I used to live in San Antonio so I am excited to share my experience of the city with our AAO team.

Word Association:

What comes to mind when you

Important relationships- I believe that as people engage in their communities, we become connected to one another and better able to support each other.

What comes to mind when you hear...leadership?

Strength with Compassion -- I think our team's tagline embodies the traits of effective leadership. The leaders that I admire and look up to use strength and compassion to lead and support those around them.

What comes to mind when you hear...volunteerism?

Wonderful people - I am constantly inspired by people who give of their time to volunteer. Volunteers are invaluable.

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