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Ambassador from Northfield Named Queen of the Lakes; Princesses Hail from Cokato and Gibbon

(Minneapolis, Minn.) On Saturday, July 23, the Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador Organization named the 2023 Minneapolis Queen of the Lakes, and Aquatennial Princesses at the ambassador coronation:

  • Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes: Kaia Schomburg of Northfield, MN

  • Aquatennial Princess: Kezia Lee of Cokato, MN

  • Aquatennial Princess: Brooklyn Werner of Gibbon, MN

Kaia, Kezia, and Brooklyn will now represent the City of Minneapolis across the state of Minnesota and North America, making over 250 appearances over the next year. In addition to trips to Minnesota community festivals, the team will travel to the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California; Fiesta San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas; Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, Canada and many more.

This year, 37 candidates participated in the candidate program. The selection team considered a variety of criteria including professionalism, public speaking ability, current and future goals, education and co-curricular/extracurricular activities. In addition to the interview process, the candidates also participated in leadership and personal development, and other unique experiences throughout the week. These experiences included visiting Minneapolis hallmarks and events like The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, the Aquatennial Parade, and Aquatennial Fireworks.

Earlier in the week, the 2023 Commodore and Captains were revealed: Scott Swenson will serve as Commodore; Lisa Franxman and Tammy McCanna will be Captains. Full bios can be found here. The Commodore and Captains serve as official escorts and mentors for the Queen of the Lakes and Princesses throughout the year.

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